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The Salish Sea Research Center raises awareness of environmental issues through community outreach and STEM activities. Outreach is centered on marine science and connected with the research conducted at the lab. 

Our current research program has documented marine biotoxins in shellfish in Salish Sea waters, utilizing our three marine monitoring stations, pictured at top, left,

Course: Genomics in Tribal Communities

This is an open-access, 12-week introductory online genetics course for students to learn introductory genetics and how genetics is used in their tribal community. This course will cover meiosis, sexual reproduction, patterns of heredity, DNA structure and function, transcription, protein synthesis, applying metagenomics, genetic data sovereignty and governance, and ongoing research at tribal colleges.
Biotechnology Review Material
Week 1
Weeks 2-4
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8


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